The Great Sphinx (100 shot)

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Firework Attributes:

100 Shots
20cm × 20cm × 10cm
Cat 2
Duration 51s
Weight 2.1kg
Explosive Weight 340g

The Great Sphinx (100 shot)

Outperforms its size and weight containing 340g of pyro powder that explodes in the sky producing, Rows 1 & 2 Crackling mine to red coconut, rows 3 & 6 crackling mine to brocade crown, rows 4 & 5 crackling mine to green coconut, rows 7 & 8 crackling mine to silver glitter, rows 9 & 10 crackling mine to chrysanthemum. A 100 shot quality cake at this price is remarkable !

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
4 September 2016

Small but powerful

Great duration and mix of effects. Fire alone of as a backing filler whilst you set off rockets above. Don't be fooled by the box size, this is full of powder and each tube is packed. Another quality Magnum product.

30 August 2016

100 shots & nearly 90 seconds of duration!

WoW - this is a lovely cake, it really keeps on giving and is excellent value for money for any back garden display.

25 August 2015

Great sphinx

Great firework with plenty of staying power.