The Godfather

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Firework Attributes:

302 Shots
105cm × 32cm × 25cm
Cat 3
Duration 154s
Weight 27kg
Explosive Weight 3580g

The Godfather

The Godfather is arguably one of the most astonishing sky fillers. The ruler of the empire, and the boss of the barrages; this firework is a monster in size, performance and weight.

Lasting for over two and a half minutes, The Godfather from Galactic Fireworks is a display in its own right.  The beautiful, bright series of shots will give you the best adrenaline-fuelled entertainment.

A truly-great firework cake with an incredible 302 pure-power shots and lit from just a single-ignition barrage. The Godfather fills the sky with vivid colours including reds, purples and greens. It’s magic won’t fail to disappoint your spectators.

A superb addition to any display, you can pick this up in store or via mail order.