Super Jet Fountain 10 Metre

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Firework Attributes:

7cm × 7cm × 21cm
Weight 0.7kg
Cat 2
Duration 15s
Explosive Weight 0.15kg

Super Jet Fountain 10 Metre

I dont think Ive ever seen a fountain that blew me away as much as this awesome 10m high silver jet fountain that lasts only 15 seconds but boy oh by what a 15 seconds it is. A stunning quiet fountain with pure silver effect.

8 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
5 September 2016

Has to be Seen to be Believed!

The video really doesn't show the height this fountain achieves, it's incredible in real life. Yes its short - but it's seriously impressive.

4 September 2016

Super Jet

The best fountain you can buy, get them while you can!
The kids have their novelty fountains and then grown-ups have this beast. It is short in duration but the tallest in effect, it really has to be seen to be believed.

4 September 2016

Superjet fountain

This is the big daddy of the fountain world. Everyone should have at least one of these in their display. The jet reaches over 30 ft and despite it being quite short it definitely is the conversation stopper.....

4 September 2016


The first time you see this live is a jaw dropping moment for anyone. It reaches an UNBELIEVABLE height with no build up. Bright, beautiful silver that demands you look at it. A conversation piece as a start to a display, nobody can ignore it. Yes, it doesn't last long but it certainly makes one humongous statement!

30 August 2016

The highest fountain I have seen

This goes so high, it may be short but it definitely makes up for it in how high and intense it is!

20 September 2015

This is one helluva fountain!

This is quite something even though it's only 15 seconds-the height and the brilliance shine through along with the quality of the silver effect sparks. A great start to any display BUT make sure you have some good lined up to use with it, a couple of fountain start mines running at the back would give the this sort of opening to the display a bit of explosive surprise and a nice kick. Recommended.

26 August 2015


super jet fountain is one of the best fountains you can buy onlu last 15s but just wow.

13 April 2015

Great to Start Display

I lit of two of these together to start a display for a group of children aged 6-10. It was nice because I could let them be relatively close so they could see the action. These little fountains shoot a huge stream of very bright white sparks. Really good fountain and one that I will certainly purchase again.