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Firework Attributes:

25 Shots
13cm × 13cm × 17cm
Cat 3
Duration 24s
Weight 1.1kg
Explosive Weight 212g


Stinger is a truly beautiful cake from the superb Bright Star Fireworks. Delivering 25 shots high into the night sky, it’s understated in sound but mesmerising in effect.

Over the course of 24 memorable seconds, this firework sends out a series of magical red, green, yellow and blue crosettes. Despite being a real favourite with crowds, this is an effect that’s ultimately pretty rare and underused in modern cakes. This is perhaps the main reason why Stinger is so refreshing to watch.

Perfect for taking things up a notch at a garden display, Stinger is available for an astonishingly-low price within our stores and via mail order.

10 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
4 November 2018


Great crosette cake. Bright vivid colours. Better in person. Should do a 100 shot version

8 September 2016

Nice crossette cake

I like crossette effects a lot so this cake is one I have had many of. That it uses 4 different colours makes it stand out from similar cakes with less colours.
To make it perfect though I would like the crossette breaks to burn just a touch longer as they seem just a touch short on duration.

6 September 2016

Nice affects

This cake always amuses me, love how shoots up and it breaks into 4 bits, kids love it so much

5 September 2016

Perfect Low Noise Cake

This is perfect for people wanting lower noise fireworks, but without compromising on colour or effect. The effect wouldn't look out of place in larger displays either - fire multiples at once to completely fill the sky!

4 September 2016

Sky filling

What an amazing fierwork. Really bright colourfull one of my favourite colour cake. Makes a true display magicall. Must have on everyone's list!

4 September 2016

Top Quality Quiet Pyro

I come back to these for every display, the effect is so different to most other fireworks, and the audience love it every time.
They aren't completely silent, no firework is, but these are great for making a quiet moment pre-finale, specially if fired in multiples at different angles.

4 September 2016

Firm favourite

This remains one of my must have fireworks. It can be used in any display, not too noisy but so different from most other fireworks. It provides a natural interlude in any display, a time to regroup and enjoy the stunning crossettes in bright colours before moving on to more manic pyro. Love this one!

18 August 2016


Another gem of a firework at an incredible price. I used this firework as often as I can during my displays, simply because it's such a beautiful effect not often seen in many fireworks, and at such an attractive price!

12 September 2014


If you want something different in your display, or you want something a little quieter then this should be your first choice.
Wonderful colours and gorgeous crosettes.
This is always in my display.

11 September 2014

Unbelievable Effects, Colour & Value

Crossette effects are sadly rare in consumer fireworks, but this cake is incredible. Not only are the crossettes strongly animated, giving a huge spread, the stars are huge and the colours so bold (red, green, yellow, blue), it has to be the best cake of its type on the market. You can pay 4x as much for something similar but not half as good or colourful!