Star Struck Box

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Firework Attributes:

26cm × 13cm × 4.5cm
Cat 2
Duration 15s
Weight 0.5kg
Explosive Weight 121g

Star Struck Box

Our smallest box of garden fireworks containing the following 15 small fireworks:

1 x Wheel

3 x Roman Candles

11 x Fountains

There is nothing in here that will startle or scare young children or pets. Very cheap box for a small back garden.

It is reccommended that you have a minimum 5 metre safe viewing distance.

3 Reviews
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6 September 2016


Great little box for the family, I like the very little small ones you get in this box, great for price well recommend it

6 August 2015

Pretty good

This is a very small box but it does contain a nice array of colourful fountains, and a couple of candles and a wheel to break things up a bit. Okay, one or two bits in here are pretty bad, but for a box to introduce small children to fireworks, or as a quick fix before bonfire night, this will suffice nicely

4 July 2015

Cheap and cheerful

I have had this selection before, and while it is nothing special, it has some very nice colour and crackle fountains, along with some nice roman candles and a two colour wheel to round off.

This box is an ideal introduction to fireworks for a young child as it isn't massively loud for a 5 metre garden firework selection box, and it is good value for a entry level selection box.