Slow Then Go

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Firework Attributes:

60 Shots
30cm × 29cm × 24cm
Cat 3
Duration 29s
Weight 4.2kg
Explosive Weight 990g

Slow Then Go

I believe this is the greatest gross weight to pyro powder weight ratio that we sell. Weighing 4.2kgs but containing a whopping 990gms of pyro powder means this is one of the best fireworks that we sell.

As the name suggests this firework starts slowly with silver crackling comet tails moving from left to right, but then picks up pace halfway through and fires more silver crackling comet tails backwards and forwards in quick succession with breaking red star Crossett’s to finish with. The best pound for pound firework that we sell in my opinion.

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
9 February 2017


I've been using these since they came out and I like them so much I've just bought four to use at a friends wedding. What these do is so unexpected outside of professional shows, in fact I've seen loads of these used at pro events. If you want to make an impression, without removing your audience's hearing, then this is the one you are looking for.

5 January 2017

Everyone was WOWED !

I had around a dozen fireworks from Galactic Fireworks for bonfire night, If I'm being honest I had in total about 30 fireworks as I bought some from elsewhere. I am being so honest when I say the ones from Galactic where by far the best of the night.

The Slow then Go was maybe the most talked about (except my finale) firework of the night with everyone saying wow what was the one that had such vivid colours that broke up into 4's (I think its called a crossette) well that was ths one, a stunning firework that is now in my most wanted fireworks for 2017.

3 January 2017

As it says

If you like something that comes with a punch lots of crackles and is a fantastic sky filling firework! This is the one, especially as it's a Celtic brand you really can't go far wrong