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Sky Breaker

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Firework Attributes:

36 Shots
19cm × 19cm × 19cm
Cat 3
Duration 28s
Weight 3.1kg
Explosive Weight 504g

Sky Breaker

If you're looking for noise then look no futher!

Sky Breaker is a ridiculously loud cake with time rain salutes from Primed Pyrotechnics.

This is the firework to give both the Thunderbolt and the Dum Bum a run for its money, personally I prefer this as the silver time rain effect is amazing.

Remember this is 36 shots with 500 grams of powder, Thunderbolt and Dum Bum are both 25 shots with much less pyro powder. If you like noise then in an ideal world you would have them all!

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
14 May 2020


This is a fantastic firework! I fired two of these at the same time in a golf club display and they were incredible! So loud with the iconic primed crackle! Fantastic fireworks at a great price!

13 May 2020

Loud but also stunning!

Yes the Sky Breaker is silly daft loud but it also had a lovely silver flashing effect. Eyeryone said after it finished that was amazing.

4 November 2019

Better than the video

Really impressed with this!!! Significantly louder than I expected with a nice effect too (crackles/rain effect are also loud) I'd definitely get this again.