Star Blitz x 8

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Firework Attributes:

Weight 12kg
Explosive Weight 1.5kg

Star Blitz x 8

Bulk Buy Quantity = 8
Recommended Selling Price Per Item = £19.99
Total Selling Price = £159.92
Bulk Buy Individual Cost Price before VAT @ 20% = £5.00
Bulk Buy Individual Cost Price including VAT @ 20% = £6.00
Bulk Buy Cost Price inclusive of VAT @ 20% = £48.00

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2 Reviews
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4 September 2016

Cheap, Cheerful & Quiet

You don't need to fire all 8 at once, 2 or 3 together are a great low-noise option.
It might seem daft buying a case of cakes rather than buying a single big firework but this way you can fire multiples together and angle some for greater effect.

23 August 2016

Star blitz

I tried 4 of these together in a display and they worked quite well to be honest it was pleasant not to have constant loud bangs for a minute, just little stars fluttering!