Silver Selection

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Firework Attributes:

Cat 3
Weight 62kg
Explosive Weight 7850g

Silver Selection


If you have up to £430 to spend on a fireworks display then this is the pack to buy as you get 34 firing positions meaning it will last around 30 minutes with every single firework being as good as it gets for the money spent.

What is really good about buying this pack is not only do you get the fireworks at the best prices in the uk guaranteed but we are also throwing in for FREE a twin pack of the TNT Space Odyssey pack that has a retail price of £79.99.

Please see the next tab for my suggested firing order.

1 Ozone
2 Tarantula
3 Ruby
4 Shades Of Silver
5 Peridot
6 Black Widow
7 Amethyst
8 Emerald
9 Glitterball
10 Popping Candy
11 Jade
12 Jewel Of The Nile
13 Sapphires
14 Whistling Ghosts
15 Quartz
16 Shades Of Gold
17 Asteroid Attack
18 Topaz
19 Bunker Buster
20 Turquoise
21 Slammer
22 Moonstone
23 Black Hole
24 Pearl
25 Opal
26 Lemon Bombard
27 Killer Scorpions
28 Midnight Mayhem
29 Space Odyssey Pt1
30 Festival
31 Space Odyssey Pt2
32 Nutty Carnival
33 Pink Panther
34 Fireworks Crazy