Shivoo Dancer

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Shivoo Dancer

A truly spectacular fountain that not only reaches appx 18 feet in height but also finishes with an amazing golden crackle.

4 Reviews
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10 September 2016

Good large conic fountain.

Delivered a few hours before a late notice small charity display (held at a farm) one of these and a Shiva's gold were added to the fireworks to be fired as they considered as being up to the task of still performing well despite some strong winds and rainy spells. (cheers Jerry (the delivery driver))
Well the Shivoo Dancer performed well and gave a good show and was not really troubled by the tough conditions.
Decent height and duration with some nice touches of colour and crackle ending.

4 September 2016


This looks like an innocent enough looking fountain....

Light it and stand back and just watch this transform in to a giant mass of crackles before your eyes. It is hard to believe that this little fountain can pack such fantastic effects inside

23 August 2016

Gooood fountain

This is one of the best cones I have used. Silver and blue with it's sister cone in gold. Slightly shorter than the larger 1 minute 30s Celtic and Vulcan ones. Personally I think 1 minute is quite long enough and the 10s crackle on the end is impressive. Several together makes an excellent start to a medium to large display with the crackles loud enough to catch out the unwary!

10 September 2014

Blue Fountain

I was a little taken aback with the Shivas and Shivoo fountains that I bought as I presumed they would be descent fountains but wow oh wow ! these things feel like they go 25ft high !

I gave this one 5 stars as its a blue flame and I love blue