Sequence Fire 20 Cue Firing System + e-Matches (2nd hand)

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Sequence Fire 20 Cue Firing System + e-Matches (2nd hand)


The manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of this device accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage, inju- ry, or loss, financial or otherwise, resulting directly or indirectly from the use, misuse, function, or malfunction of this device. By purchasing and using this device you understand and accept this disclaimer.


This is a previously used (seriously only 3 times) Sequencefire 20 Wireless Firing System. It represents the newest technology in consumer firing systems. And when combined with our e match igniters, allows you to put on a dramatic fireworks display just like the pros - at a fraction of the cost. Plus you get to watch your displays along with your guests! Now there is no longer any reason to hand light your displays. Do it like the pros at a fraction of the cost!

Please watch my video that I have done explaining exactly what you are buying here. It really is a great firing system and the only reason we are selling is we have invested in a new one costing well over £2k. Honestly for £250 (theres over £50 worth of e-matches included) you will not buy a better firing system. I will also include FREE deliver in with the price.

I should mention the ststem is not water proof so will simply put it in a tupperware box if it was raining, I say tupperware it was actualy a CD storager box but you get what I mean.

This convenient system is extremely reliable and has many benefits of more expensive professional systems:

  •   FCC Certified (FCC ID: AYHFS2012)

  •   The range from the remote to the field module (receiver) is about 350 feet (+/-) depending on surroundings.

  •   The field module is programmable and may be reassigned to different Sequencefire 20 remotes. One Sequence- fire 20 remote can control multiple Sequencefire 20 field modules in unison.

  •   The system has five firing modes: instant on-demand cue firing in any order, firing in stepped sequence, firing with time delays between all cues set equivalently, firing with time delays between all cues set arbitrarily, and firing all cues at once.

  •   The onboard timing sequencer allows the time delay between each cue to be set anywhere between 0.1 and 99.9 seconds.

  •   The firing system has a keyed safety and will not operate unless the key has been inserted and turned to the ON position.

  •   This system is highly sensitivity with excellent anti-jam performance. It is extremely reliable and easy to use.

  •   The RF transmission between the remote transmitters and receiver is very secure. Once a receiver is activated

    by a remote transmitter, that receiver will respond only to the transmitter it has been assigned to. 1

  •   The remote transmitter comes with an on/off switch for added safety and security. You cannot inadvertently fire a cue with the remote power switch in the off position. Turn the remote power on only when ready to fire.

  •   The field module receiver has a 3-position switch for TEST, FIRE, and STANDBY.

  •   Dual Power Modes: The field module operates on an internal rechargeable battery or can be connected to an

    optional external battery .

  •   LINK capable: Using our “SequenceLink” technology, multiple Sequencefire 20 field modules can be linked to- gether using standard duplex wire. When the firing sequence of one system finishes, that system then passes the “start” command to the next system to which it is connected.

  •   Charging circuit: The system comes with an internal charging circuit and plug-in wall charger. The internal charging circuit is only used to recharge the internal battery. The internal charging circuit will not charge an ex- ternal battery. The wall charger will also not power the system for firing.

  •   Internal Circuit Overload Protection: The electrical circuitry of each cue is protected from thermal overload. Overloading can occur when there exists a short circuit in the wiring of igniters to the system. The Sequencefire 20 system, however, contains thermal overload circuit protection. So even if a short circuit exists in the wiring of the igniters to the system, thermal overload will not occur.

  •   Using a remote firing system like our Sequencefire 20 is much safer than lighting by hand.

  •   The Sequencefire 20 is a versatile and economical answer to a vast matrix of consumer wireless firing demands. 

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17 August 2016

Sequence fire 20

I've purchased this wireless firework programmable igniter after spending hours of searching the Internet to finally finding this magnificent little gem, it has everything I was looking for! It's cue programmable from 0.1 second to 99.9 seconds and is so easy to set from cue to cue! Plus set all at once to doing each cue as you please! I give this a big 10 out 10