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Royal Flush Cake Box

3+ AvailableRRP: £359.80 £179.99
(2 Reviews)
Add War Hawks x 4 Packs (20 rockets) for only £49.99 (Save £109.97 off RRP)
Add Monster Rocket Box 2019 for only £29.99 (Save £32.95 off RRP)

Available to purchase at:

Mail Order
Dinnington Store
Retford Store
South Elmsall Store
Ripley Store

Firework Attributes:

393 Shots
60cm × 40cm × 40cm
Cat 3
Duration 765s
Weight 25kg
Explosive Weight 3383g

Royal Flush Cake Box

The Royal Flush pack is definitely the best pack of fireworks you can buy for under £200. It is pound for pound unbeatable, let’s compare this pack with two other packs that we sell the Full House and the Gem collection

The Full House is a 12 Kg box containing 9 cakes with 2,145 grams of pyro powder that sell for £149.99. Now that work out at 70p per gram.

The Gem Collection is a 15 Kg box containing 12 cakes with 2,068 grams of pyro powder that sell for £139.99. Now that work out at 68p per gram.

Now let’s look at this pack the mighty Royal Flush. Weighing in at a whopping 25 Kg and containing 17 premium quality cakes with a combined pyro powder weight of 3,383. Now that works out at just 53p per gram (well under 20% cheaper than the other two). Add to this the fact we also throw in portfires for the easy lighting of the cakes plus a pair of safety goggles means it’s simply unbeatable for both quality and price.


1 Shades Of Gold 152gms
2 Asteroid Attack 200gms
3 Jewel Of The Nile 173gms
4 Popping Candy 159gms
5 Ozone 200gms
6 Bunker Buster 175gms
7 Black Widow 138gms
8 Shades Of Silver 152gms
9 Tarantula 138gms
10 Lemon Bombard 183gms
11 Whistling Ghosts 228gms
12 Glitterball 159gms
13 Slammer 170gms
14 Black Hole 170gms
15 Killer Scorpions 288gms
16 Midnight Mayhem 170gms
17 Pink Panther 540gms
2 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
5 November 2018


Got these for my garden party and it didn't disappoint! Really happy with these and the trial blazer rockers were also really good! Money well spent

20 August 2018

Great pack

Great selection of cakes, Pink Panther is a perfect bigger finale item, and the option to add the rockets for 15 is great also