Rothenberger Super Fire II

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Rothenberger Super Fire II

In our opinion, the Rothenberger Super Fire II is simply the best item that you can buy for lighting fireworks. Coming in at £69.99 + £12.99 for the gas, it isn’t the cheapest product of its kind available, but in terms of quality it cannot be beaten.

Once you have one of these in your inventory, you’ve got it for life. For the sort of performance that it delivers, this makes the initial outlay well worth it in the long haul.

Safe to use and built to last, it’s little wonder that our very own Nigel Turver cites it as ‘the best thing I have ever bought with regards to lighting fireworks.’

4 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
26 August 2015

A must have

The best & safest way to light any firework.
works first time every time & the gas bottle seems to go on for ever.
It may be a little expensive but you have got it for life.
Once you get one you will have wondered how you managed before.

26 December 2014

Great tool and not just for firework lighting

This jack of all trades can brown puddings and foods as well as light fireworks sparklers bbq's bonfires chimineas woodburner stoves and cigarettes/cigars so a useful tool all round.

11 September 2014

A man tool

Ok so it is a little excessive, a big blow torch just for lighting fireworks, but I guarantee once you have used one you will not go back.

Also great for lighting BBQ's and other fires that real men have to light.

(Oh I think you can use it for DIY too, but that sounds boring)

10 September 2014

There is nothing better for lighting firework

I have tried lighters, matches, cooking blow torches, portfires but nothing is as good as these. They are a lot more expensive than other means but they are built to last.