Rocket Pack 2 (19 rockets)

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Firework Attributes:

Weight 8.8kg
Explosive Weight 11.9kg

Rocket Pack 2 (19 rockets)

We have simply bundled 2 of our boxes of rockets together to save you even more money. 19 rockets in total.

Air Force Rocket Box = A great pack of 15 rockets that are simply so powerful, and all contain the maximum payload for their size. Each one will soar high and explode with maximum impact thus giving both yourself and your audience a great display. Works out costing only £3.33 per rocket which is seriously cheap for such quality ! These rockets have to come in a metal pyro-meshed cage. Firstly the cage is unlike any pyro-mesh that I've seen in the past as this cage does not require tin snips, it simply has a couple of simple latches that you undo making the whole process so much simpler.

  Metallic Xtreme Shock Rockets = 4 rockets with a huge payload means these heavyweight 160g (5.7oz) rockets create stunning effects and noise with wide bursts and strong colours including purple coconut, crackling flower, gold blink willow and blue peony with crackling.These rockets come pyro meshed caged so you will need some tin snips or similar to open them. They are also very unique in the fact that they come with folding sticks so the box is only 85cm in length rather than being a huge 1.5metres long.