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Rocket Fuel 5 packs (30 Rockets)

3+ AvailableRRP: £204.95 £99.95

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Firework Attributes:

30 Shots
Cat 3
Weight 8kg
Explosive Weight 1560g

Rocket Fuel 5 packs (30 Rockets)

Rocket fuel loaded and ready for blast off! 

Here we have a fantastic selection of 30 rockets, we have simply taken 1 pack of each of our favourite 1.3G high-performance rockets, the mighty 'War Hawks', beautiful 'Solar Flare's' the wicked, double break 'Mercury Rising' the brilliant Sky Raiders' and the new kid on the block 'Falcons' put them together, to create a jawdropping selection of premium quality rockets, at a phenomenal price! 

With 5 different packs, you get a real variety of colours, effects and burst sizes. Pound for pound, the best rocket selection available!

Price works out at under £20 per pack which means you are paying less than half the retail price here.