Ring of Electric

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Firework Attributes:

10 Shots
18cm × 16cm × 16cm
Weight 1.5kg
Explosive Weight 0.18kg

Ring of Electric

Seriously powerful cake from Cube.

These will be impossible to get hold of in 2017 so buy them now while you can.

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
15 September 2014

Lovely mine effects

This cake might only be 10 shots, but they are 10 very good shots. It's worth getting this one just for the mine effects. They really add another layer of depth to the cake. I'd recommend this one or the sister cake, Ring of Fire & Ice.

13 September 2014

massive ! and I mean Massive !

I have had both the Cube Ring Of Fire & Ice and the Ring of Electric. I have to say they took me by surprise as at the time Galactic didn't have a video of the cakes. They erupt from the ground with a mine effect thats absolutely massive then once again a massive break in the sky to follow. Only 10 Shots but each and every tube produces effects that are once again Massive ! I give both these 10 shot ring cakes top marks and can't recommend them enough.

11 September 2014

Only 10 shots

Well this cake is only 10 shots but they are massive shots and coupled with the mine effect they make this a brilliant cake.