Revolution 1

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Firework Attributes:

100 Shots
19cm × 19cm × 17cm
Cat 2
Duration 10s
Weight 2.6kg
Explosive Weight 242g

Revolution 1

We only have a few of these to clear at half price so buy them while we have them :)

This unassuming box of tricks delivers a huge punch, a gob smacking firework that just puts a smile on your face..admittedly not the price tag as its perhaps the most expensive cake 'per second' that we sell...but thats because its all over in under 10 seconds...but those 10 seconds are totally packed full of loud and chaotic colour stars with titanium reports....Try one..they are great fun.

1 Review
100% of reviewers said YES
3 January 2017

Quick and noisy

If you like extremely fast paced firework with lots of bangs then yep you won't go far wrong with this little gem!