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Raging Spiders

3+ AvailableRRP: £79.99 £49.99
(10 Reviews)

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Firework Attributes:

43 Shots
36cm × 36cm × 21cm
Cat 3
Duration 59s
Weight 5kg
Explosive Weight 570g

Raging Spiders

Now here is a firework that really is so unique and spectacular to watch.

It starts with a fountain that tricks you into believing it's a little tame and then suddenly erupts with crackling spiders producing red and green glitter bursts. Then this is the bit youve been waiting for! The whole outer ring fires off in just a few seconds filling every direction of the night sky you can imagine. WOW!

10 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
15 October 2018

surprise surprise

this is one of my favourite cakes . a false sense of security as it starts with a fountain and then bursts into life . lovely fizzing shots with a finale to behold . you must get one of these

5 September 2016

Something Different

This is one that's completely different. It starts off with a fountain, then as it kicks in with a few bursts and then ends with a 360 degree barrage of shots! Videos don't do it justice, it looks very good in the flesh!

4 September 2016

So much to like

Other reviews will talk about the fountain start or ring at the end, ignoring the great effects in the middle, but what I really love most about this firework is the lift-noise as the ring goes up!

12 April 2015

Children Favourite

This is a great firework for the children. It starts out slow with a shower of sparks, then into a series of shots with good breaks, but the finish with such a huge burst is what the children really like. It always surprises them and the smiles on their face are priceless.

15 September 2014

Brightstar Raging Spiders Barrage

This firework is a beautiful piece;starts off with a tame fountain start then lets rip with superb starbursts and finishes with the most brilliant 360 degree starburst finale!

Basically three for the price of one and great value at that. 5/5

15 September 2014

It is just like a magic roundabout

The effect on this firework is just like a magic roundabout, everytime I set it off I can't wait for it to fire the final load in its 360 degree glory.

11 September 2014

a real dark horse

this combination fountain/ cake will get the audience attention when the ending makes a full circle in the sky easily worth the money this one what a great garden piece

11 September 2014

It doesn't get old!

I would prefer it without the fountain at the start but the bursts and the surprise circle at the end is unlike anything I have seen. I love it so much.

For a small-medium display, it is a must.

I would say 4 out of 5 because I don't like the fountain but everything after it gives it a solid 5.

A cake that just doesn't get old.

11 September 2014

A real suprise

This is a real surprise to the audience who think that it is only a fountain to start with.

It then bursts to life with a great aerial display and ends with a unique ring of shots fired in a circle, this really is a must see!

10 September 2014


One of my favorite fireworks ever.
Just for the audience reaction alone its worth the price tag. 5 stars all day.