Radiant Spirals

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Firework Attributes:

15 Shots
15cm × 15cm × 18cm
Duration 34s
Explosive Weight 304g

Radiant Spirals

Another gem from the hands of Magnum Series Fireworks, Radiant Spirals delivers high-performance effects that defy logic when you see its size. For such a little cake, it doesn’t half pack a punch.

This is a truly astounding firework that deserves its place in any display. Including effects such as silver swirl tails and up burst green blinks, as well as silver tail and up bust crackling, this is a firework that will earn plenty of fans for its originality.

Ultimately, it comes as no surprise that Magnum Series Fireworks are the producer of this cake. Renowned for the quality of the effects that they pack into their fireworks, they continue to deliver many of the best pound-for-pound cakes available to the UK consumer market.

You can purchase Radiant Spirals via mail order, or within any of our stores, subject to availability.  

3 Reviews
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4 September 2016

Silver Swirls

Cracking little firework from Magnum which provides a nice bit of variety in any display. Great silver swirls which reach a good height before bursting into crackles. Very pretty and plenty of noise!

29 September 2014


I was asked by James of Galactic to leave a few reviews of fireworks but once I started I realise I love so many of the fireworks. That being said I have to say Radiant Spirals is certainly one of the best of them all.

10 September 2014

One for the purists

I really like this effect, maybe not everyones cup of tea. But so much more spectacular in the flesh.