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Quantum Power

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Firework Attributes:

36 Shots
22cm × 22cm × 23cm
Cat 3
Duration 30s
Weight 5.1kg
Explosive Weight 738g

Quantum Power

Part of the powerful Celtic Fireworks range, Quantum Power delivers effects worthy of professional UK displays. From start to finish, this a cake of the sort of quality to get any pyro enthusiast off of their seat.

Extremely powerful having 20gms of powder per shot means each shot rises on a silver tail before exploding into a starfish effect with either red green or blue side effects.

There are 4 cakes in this series from Celtic, each and every one of these cakes are as good as professional cat 4 display cakes.

1 Review
100% of reviewers said YES
13 October 2019

Definitely gives a powerful display

You just can’t go wrong with Celtic. Power and quality. Well worth the money. If you can get all four in this collection. On another level.