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Proton Bomb xtreme

3+ AvailableRRP: £24.99 £14.99
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Firework Attributes:

16 Shots
13cm × 13cm × 24cm
Cat 3
Weight 1.2kg
Explosive Weight 251g

Proton Bomb xtreme

The Proton Bomb Extreme remains one of our best-selling fireworks here at Galactic and it’s always in high demand. Consisting of 16 individual tubes that each produce fantastically loud air-bomb bursts, this isn’t one for the faint-hearted!

As well as the ear-piercing bangs on offer, this is a firework that delivers beautiful effects too. This is the key to a fantastic firework - a loud, powerful effect, but not at the expense of notable, gorgeous sky views. 

Described by some of our customers as ‘one of the loudest pieces for the money’, ’wow didn’t expect that’ and ‘a real head turner for a display, 5* all day’ - it’s a cake that won’t leave you disappointed. If you want a display to be the envy of your neighbors, the Proton Bomb Extreme is not one to miss out on.

The price of £16.99 is 32% off the retail price of the Proton Bomb but you can get 50% off if you buy two, please see our separate listing by CLICKING HERE.

10 Reviews
94% of reviewers said YES
3 November 2019


Just WOW

9 September 2016

Great bursts and noise.

One of my favourite cakes.
Big bore tubes, high power weight for the number of shots means large and loud bursts of high quality.
Being 16 shots its duration is just about right to keep one's attention without getting too repetitive and the pacing of the proton bomb extreme's shots is perfect in my opinion.
All at a great low bargain price for what you get.

5 September 2016

Wow didn't expect that

Now I've had the old proton bomb and then I seen this, so I thought I would try it out and wow I was shocked of the amount of power of such small firework with such a great price

4 September 2016


This isn't for the fate hearted as this fierwork is very load with saulte witch are stunning. Also make sure you stake this devil because she got a kick to her. :)

4 September 2016


This is a proper firework with proper noise! Every burst is clean and true with excellent air bomb bursts. Great to watch as well as enjoy the booms!

6 November 2015

Proton booms

Remember when these first came out as single then double shot always remembered them saw there now available in a 16 barrage with potent double double / quad shots at the end of the firework again the quality and crisp ear pearcing notice these cakes create is a real head turner for a display 5* all day

28 October 2015

Quality - NOISE

Amazing cake!
Great value and awesome effects+noise...
This is the ultimate cake for showing up your neighbours cheap supermarket squibs...

6 November 2014

great value! !

Another great little firework. ... big bang for the buck

15 September 2014


You want noise? Buy this!! At BOGOF it is unbelievable value from Nigel @ Galactic - I'm sure he must have lost his mind when he put this offer on...Madness!

15 September 2014

In a word... LOUD

The title for this review sums it up really. It's very loud. It has a nice double effect with the deep boom of the salute that follows. The breaks are pretty huge too. Just make sure it's properly secured as it definitely produces a kick!

I fired four of these simultaneously last year, in terms of noise, it was something else!

Then Galactic have gone and made them BOGOF too!