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Power Station 1

3+ AvailableRRP: £119.99 £69.99
(7 Reviews)
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Firework Attributes:

60 Shots
28cm × 28cm × 22cm
Cat 3
Duration 50s
Weight 8.5kg
Explosive Weight 861g

Power Station 1

The legendary Power Station 1 has returned. Previously manufactured exclusively for Cube Fireworks, this piece from Brothers Pyrotechnics is widely renowned for its quality.

Now packaged in pyro mesh caging due to its power, trust us when we say this one is loud. Delivering screams, crackles and bangs, the noise of this cake is rivalled in spectacle only by the effects it produces.

Initially, banks of 4 screaming tails are launched into the sky. These explode with impressive bangs, which are swiftly followed by mixed break effects. The 8-shot finale volley of golden brocade crowns is then truly a joy to behold.

If you’re looking for a truly awesome firework cake, look no further than Power Station 1. Any pyromaniac will testify to its quality and if you’re yet to see it in the flesh, now is your chance!


7 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
20 August 2018


Now this firework I do recommend all day, never had it beofre but few people told me to try it out, so I fired this with a dum bum as a finally and wow it’s breath taking, just the volleys after each other are perfect

4 September 2016

Sky filler.

This is must have. Brilliant ending for any £200 budget. Or new year. Powerfull cake. Big bursts.. brilliant in pairs 2! Will be buying more!

26 August 2016

Love it

Love powerstation1 this cake is superb and although some may say I can get more fireworks for the price of this. Yes you can but for performance you won't be disappointed

31 July 2016

Power house

Have this in my display every year now, the breaks are massive.

7 November 2015

It's got power.

If you're looking for one loud Firework to impress not only yourself but the crowd then look no further, you have come across the perfect product. This cake produces extremely loud reports. If you can stretch to another for a finale then you will most definitely be the talk of your neighbourhood!

25 August 2015


Very loud amd nice pice of kit.

11 September 2014

powerstation 1

i simply can not stress to you all enough how good this cake is, the noise it makes is incredible the screams that lead up to huge breaks to big crackle, proper noisy piece a few of these at the same time for new year or as a finale for bonfire night would kill off anyone else's display near by