Portfires x 4

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Firework Attributes:

21cm × 5cm × 1cm
Cat 2

Portfires x 4

A Pack of 4 individual portfires costing less than 75p per portfire.

If you have ever had the problem of trying to light fireworks and the lighter just wont do it then I cant reccommend strongly enough that you start using portfires to end any lighting problems.

Each portfire has a burn time of around 3-4 minutes.

6 Reviews
83% of reviewers said YES
25 August 2015

Good pice of kit

Nice pice to light your fireworks so don't have to mess about with lighters around the firework in rain are wind.

3 March 2015

Very useful

Portfires are a fantastic way of lighting fireworks if you don't have the cash to stretch to a Rothenburger. They don't go out in the wind or rain either, which is another advantage. The only issue with these ones is they give off a horrible sulphur smell, which if it gets into your throat is pretty horrid. But other than that, very good.

11 September 2014

For the occasional firers

Portfires are good for lighting fireworks. They work even when the weather is bad they usually stay alight.

For £3.99 as well, you only usually need one per display.

Good for occasional firers but if you're a real enthusiast I would recommend a rothy (Rothenberger Super Fire 2)

11 September 2014


these are essential if you havent joined the rothernberge club to keep you display flowing these are a must

11 September 2014

If you don't want to splash out on a Rothy

These are a must for anyone (without a Rothy) firing fireworks, they are simply brilliant. Forget using a smoldering rope, a lighter or even a smoking cigarette. These are wind proof and a real must have.

10 September 2014


If you've lit fireworks before you know it can be a pain in the bum with the weather.
The wind blowing puts your lighter out every time you light it and all the time the rain is dampening your spirits well worry no longer! Buy a pack of these and your troubles will disappear. These are easy to light igniters that last a couple of minutes meaning stress free firework lighting for all! If you use a lighter now, buy some of these and you'll never go back!