Pink Champagne

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Firework Attributes:

21cm × 10cm × 13cm
Cat 3
Duration 91s
Weight 200g
Explosive Weight 39g

Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne from TNT Fireworks is a wonderful novelty fountain that delivers unique and memorable effects. Lasting for over 90 seconds, this is one that produces excellent entertainment for an extremely modest price.

What we love about this fountain is that, in our opinion, it’s as good as the Krazy Klock – but for half of the price.

The standout feature of Pink Champagne revolves around the fact that it needs to be positioned to face a selected side so that it creates a better view for spectators. This is essential, as it means your audience will subsequently be able to enjoy the outstanding 6 pink star flashes with strobe effects packed within the firework.

It is this feature that makes this fountain a bit more special, helping to add something original to the more generic back garden fountain.  

4 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
4 September 2016

Girls just wanna have fun!

This might be a bit of a novelty item but it really is a lot of fun! Long lasting with different effects. I particularly like the way the light shines through the holes in the box. Kids will adore this product!

12 September 2014

Better than the drink

A great long lasting fountain with some cool effects.

11 September 2014

I forgot its my favourite colour too

I love pink!

10 September 2014

TNT Pink Champagne Fountain

Something nice from TNT here and it's certainly very novel as well as pretty;lovely sprays of sparks mix with pretty pink flames and the stars in the middle flash as well, it is certainly one for the ladies lol! But seriously it's a great novelty firework for small 5m garden displays and good value if you want something a little different from your fountains.