Pearl Box

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Firework Attributes:

70cm × 34cm × 13cm
Cat 2
Weight 6kg
Explosive Weight 713g

Pearl Box

This box contains 15 items in total consisting of the following:

3 x Shockwave Candeles

2 x Golden Flower Fountains

2 x Colour Melody Fountains

1 x 16 shot Torro Cake

1 x 100 Shot Missile Cake

1 x 9 shot Atomic Burst

1 x 9 shot Lightning Strike

2 x 96 shot Spiders

1 x 16 shot Matador

1 x Crackling Snake

1 Review
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26 September 2016

A step down, but still just as good.

This box is a step down from the range topping Platinum but is still good though, with 4xnice fountains, 7xmultishot cakes, a fun crackling snake cracker, and three stonking single shot tubes.

You're best off mixing this, if you want a bit longer duration, with some extra 1.3g rockets, some more decent roman candles, roman candle cakes and roman candle barrages, a good sized wheel or two, a mine or two and some separate fountains, and if you add some sparklers on top for a bit of sparkle, you'll have a complete fun family display.