Obliterator Pack

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Firework Attributes:

Cat 3
Duration 720s
Weight 70kg
Explosive Weight 7330g

Obliterator Pack

Here we have took the already brilliant 'Hellfire Pack' and then boosted it up with the jawdropping Glittering Prize A & B to create the mighty 'Obliterator Pack'

The pack contains varying brands along with different effects and firing patterns to give you a wonderful display from start to finish

I have to say the Glittering Prize twin pack really is one of, if not the very best pair of fireworks i have ever seen, they are extremely powerful with gigantic breaks and stunning high quality effects.

Not only is this pack crammed full of premium quality fireworks it is over half the RRP! 

See the 'Firing Order' tab to see how we would best reccomend firing them. 

  1. Pyromania 1
  2. Space Odyssey 1
  3. Pyromania 2
  4. Space Odyssey 2
  5. Festival
  6. Fire & Brimstone
  7. Nutty Carnival
  8. Devils Gate
  9. Executioner 
  10. Obliterator
  11. Assassin
  12. Demolition Man
  13. Glittering Prize A 
  14. Glittering Prize B