Nutty Carnival + FREE Festival

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Firework Attributes:

72 Shots
38cm × 19cm × 21cm
Cat 3
Duration 90s
Weight 6.2kg
Explosive Weight 0.813g

Nutty Carnival + FREE Festival

Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

Wow this is a great offer when you buy the £49.99 Nutty Carnival you will receive the £49.99 Festival for FREE!

Both these cakes have been hand picked from the Sky Crafter range. Each one has 36 shots with the Nutty Carnival containing 381g of pyro powder and the Festival having 432g of pyro powder. That’s a total of 813g of pyro powder for under £50, which really is a bargain.

The Festival produces brocade crown tails to brocade crowns and brocade crown tails to blue with colourful falling leaves.

The Nutty Carnival produces red with time rain, green with time rain, blue with time rain, purple with time rain, lemon with time rain and then a combo red green and blue time rain.

Please note: For shipping purposes the weights shown are for both cakes.