Nebula Storm

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Firework Attributes:

25 Shots
15cm × 15cm × 13cm
Cat 2
Duration 32s
Weight 2kg
Explosive Weight 362g

Nebula Storm

Nebula Storm from Celtic Fireworks is a 25-shot, category two cake that’s been packed to the brim with power. Manufactured to deliver truly high-performance effects, this is one that certainly won’t leave you disappointed.

Mixing beautiful silver spinners with vivid green peonys and purple coconuts, this noisy cake will thrill your audience throughout its generous running time of 32 seconds.

4 Reviews
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4 September 2016

Nebula storm

This will take your display by storm. It may be small in size but the effects are huge. Very underated firework which will out perform many fireworks double its size....

4 September 2016

Something a bit different

This is a great firework from Celtic, really punchy and engaging. It's focus is the ever popular silver spinners, but these break into beautiful greens and purples. It is a very high tempo firework that runs for well over half a minute and packs bags of effects into this time.

26 August 2016


Had 2 of these from recommendation and was blown away with them

24 December 2015

Very good

Superb cake, really good quality, and the effects are very good with bright colours. It's pretty loud as well. A very good all round firework