Monster Crackling Sparklers x 20 (5 packs)

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Monster Crackling Sparklers x 20 (5 packs)

Monster Crackling Sparklers come in a foiled sealed pack containing 4 individual sparklers. They are 14" in length.

Sparklers are always popular with children and will add revenue to all organised events, this said however they do cause more accidents than any other firework related product so do use and handle with care. Burn time of approx. 90 seconds per sparkler!

It is also recommended to set up a roped off supervised area if you are holding an event for the use of sparklers, similar to a boxing ring. It would be really handy if you could also put a bucket of cold water for people to put any spent sparklers into. Not only does this make sparklers much safer but also helps that you are not finiding the wires all over the place in the following weeks.

Available in the following sizes

4 Sparklers 99p (25p per sparkler)

20 Sparklers £4.25 (21p per sparkler)

200 Sparklers £38.00 (19p per sparkler) FREE DELIVERY !

1,200 Sparklers £204.00 (17p per sparkler) FREE DELIVERY !

1 Review
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4 September 2016

Monster crackling sparklers

Ok so you don't have to be a child to love these, these are huge sparklers with an added crackle what more could you possibly want to add to proceedings on bonfire night