Mini Powder Kegs

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Firework Attributes:

15cm × 11cm × 7cm
Weight 300g
Cat 3
Duration 19s
Explosive Weight 0.025kg

Mini Powder Kegs


These Mini Powder Kegs from TNT Fireworks make a great addition to any garden display. Modest in size, they pack a surprisingly powerful punch.

Delivering a combination of multi-coloured stars and silver chrysanthemums, these mines also offer plenty of noise. Their release of sound comes courtesy of a series of whistles and crackles, helping to add further spectacle to the effects on show.

You can order your Mini Powder Kegs via mail order, or pick them up from our Dinnington store (whilst stocks last). 

5 Reviews
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3 March 2015

Great for the price point

Whilst these mines are nowhere near as good as the Cube ones, for the price they are very good. Perfect to start off a small/medium garden display with a bit of surprise

12 September 2014

Only a fiver

Can't go wrong for a fiver - not as good as the bigger mines but hey you are only paying 2.50 for each one!

11 September 2014

Good fair price

You get two in the pack and they are brightly coloured which is a nice way to start a display. Nothing spectacular but for a small garden display, I would recommend them.

11 September 2014

mini powder kegs

these are great little fun items that would be ideal to use around kids in the smaller sized gardens great quality product

11 September 2014

TNT Mini Powder Kegs Mine Pack

This novel barrel shaped twinpack of mines is a small firework ideal for small displays but perform, well, adequately, rather than absolutely fantastic-a silver whistle and sparks lead to colour glitter and crackle. Fair value.