Mega Cake Pack 3 (14 cakes)

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Firework Attributes:

Weight 10kg
Explosive Weight 1kg

Mega Cake Pack 3 (14 cakes)

If you want the best fireworks at the lowest prices then you must already be a customer of ours. We sell the UK’s best fireworks at the lowest prices guaranteed! The Mega Cake Pack 3 contains 14 cakes all from the Jigsaw stable as they certainly know how to make fireworks that appear a normal size and yet perform like big single ignition cakes costing £50+ Yes these cakes in this pack work out costing you only £15.35 each and yet perform like cakes costing £30+. Discover the world of proper pyro by buying from a company that spends its entire year constantly sourcing the best products at the best prices just for you.


Please see the firing tab for our suggested firing order.

1 Dragons Head
2 Fiendish Hand
3 Demonic Creature
4 Skeleton Warlord
5 Mysterious Mushrooms
6 Demonic Figure
7 Grim Reaper
8 Ground Troops
9 Scriptures of Hell
10 Fantasy Island
11 Copter Clash
12 Devils Daughter
13 Strawberry Village
14 Tank Attack
1 Review
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30 August 2016

A massive selection of super pokey cakes

These cakes all pack a real punch, the Jigsaw cakes are known for being really pokey and giving a good bang and burst.

Grab the whole pack and you won't be disappointed.