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Firework Attributes:

70 Shots
36cm × 25cm × 23cm
Weight 12kg
Explosive Weight 1.4kg


Our very own Mayhem is in a different league altogether. Delivering 70 shots of mesmerising quality throughout an explosive 30-second running time, this a firework that’s truly unrelenting in its power.

We start with an amazing purple and gold mine effect that fires throughout the duration of the cake. As well as looking fantastic, this mine is key as it fires throughout the running time of Mayhem. This means that the firework performs at two different heights.

Through the mine, a series of dazzling golden palms are fired. These seem to fall through the sky like comets after reaching their peak, in conjunction with huge green starbursts that really fill the sky.

Finally, we come to the crème de le crème effect of this cake – falling leaves. These burst just beneath the golden palms and fall to the ground, transitioning through all the glorious colours of Mayhem on their way back down to Earth. The resulting effect is a unique tower of colour and noise.

Bound to impress any audience, Mayhem comes packed in pyromesh for maximum performance. Order yours now to experience the power!

7 Reviews
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5 September 2016

Lives up to its Name

In a word, this firework is Mayhem! It's completely sky filling throughout, and has as a great mid level effect to go along with the bursts. The shorter duration makes it perfect as a finale cake too!

4 September 2016

Do I say more?

The name of this cake says it all its really is crazy don't last long but wow. Amazing jaw dropping sky filling fierwork. Buy 2 of these for massive end of any display always be on my stash brilliant!

4 September 2016


Well if you want a firework that is aptly named this is it... 20 seconds of a pure pyro fix.... The effects are stunning just don't blink... This would be amazing fired in multiples as a jaw dropping finale...

30 August 2016

No time for a breath

This firework is well and truly MAYHEM, it just keeps going at full speed and is in your face with the tempo.
The whole cake is like the final part of a normal cake, it doesn't build up like others it is just full on from the first second!

11 September 2014

Doesn't rest!

Mayhem doesn't give you a moment's rest, it takes everyone by surprise as it let's rip as soon as it is lit.

If you can, look out for the video of more than one being fired. As you can see they make a superb finale.

10 September 2014

Quick, but spectacular.

The most stunning firework you will ever see.
Perfect finale cake, everyones jaws dropped!

10 September 2014


This is what it's all about, full cake spent in under 30 seconds of rapid firing fiery nonsense, lights up the sky and leaves a mark on your ear drums. I like this so much, the last time I bought them, I bought 6!