Maximum Showtime Display Kit

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Firework Attributes:

233 Shots
81cm × 30cm × 20cm
Cat 3
Duration 170s
Explosive Weight 2.18g

Maximum Showtime Display Kit

The Maximum Showtime Display Box contains three individual fireworks that can be very simply linked together to create one humongous super firework! Light one fuse and watch it go, lasting a phenomenal 2 minutes 40 seconds truely a display in a box. Alternatively you can simply remove the fireworks from the case and fire 3 individual display cakes.

  1. Rip
  2. Fireworks Crazy
  3. Nerve Centre
8 Reviews
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7 October 2016

Epic and exciting!

I used this in June for a 50th Bday party along with a few other small cakes and used my PA and had back to the future theme music playing as this was firing! It was Epic!

5 September 2016

Perfect for NYE

This is the sort of firework that is literally a display in a box. You link it together and stand back for a full blown almost 3 minute long display.

This is perfect for NYE for people who don't want the faff of setting up a big display, but still want the impact!

4 September 2016

Maximum showtime display kit

Amazing firework from start to finish and you will be enthralled throughout. Had the original maximum showtime firework a few years ago and wowser... heard that this had a few fuse issues and didn't fire properly on occasion and so was worried throught the display but ours did and to say it was stunning was an understatement.... have since bought this one and was worried it wouldn't live up to the original but how wrong we were. It is pure class and at least with the 3 fuses that are so simple to connect you can rest easy and enjoy this action packed beauty of a firework...

10 March 2015


These were FANTASTIC fireworks! It was just like in the video! Very easy to use, only having one fuse to light was great, it meant everyone could watch the display! Great service! Very very pleased! I would recomend to everyone!

1 January 2015

Superb !!

Bought this firework for our New Years Eve party . I was a little apprehensive about joining 3 fireworks together and then only 2 firing but it worked perfectly !! Top firework - really impressive and would recommend it to anyone . Take this to a party and you will be the firework king !!!

16 November 2014


Tired of the tat in the local shops I thougt I'd gqive these guys a try. Had a few mates n kids over for a small party and they all brought a few of their own fireworks. Wantig to be the host with the most I got this along with the traitors display box. All for under £200. Well the traitors box was great. But this!!! It shook the floor for pretty much the whole 3 minutes with huge colours and massive bangs which was what I wanted. Part 2 of the display ended and everybody was clapping....and then box 3 kicked in!! And the last 5 fireworks we amazing. Highley professional and I even had neighbours from a few streets down commenting on them. Very impressed and I'll be doing the same/simalar each year. Even if a few chip in say £20 its worth every penny! Thanks guys!!

6 November 2014

maximum show time lives up to its name! !

What I expected and more.. absolutely brilliant firework.. great finish to the show 10/10!

30 September 2014

How has this not been done before?

This kit is going to be perfect for New Years Eve, i've tried fireworks in the past that either haven't had the required length to make it worthwhile setting a 'single' firework off at New Years at the clock strikes 12, or does last the length and doesn't impress.

Think this kit will be the perfect solution, being able to light one firework and have both the length and the wow factor to go with it will be a delight i have yet to experience. Even though we're only in September i'm already looking forward to New Years now ;)

Will be back to leave another review after i've fired it, giving it 5 stars now for the innovation!