Manic Miner

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Firework Attributes:

16 Shots
24cm × 24cm × 30cm
Cat 3
Duration 42s
Weight 6.8kg
Explosive Weight 990g

Manic Miner

Manic Miner comes from the team at Absolute Tai Pan Fireworks – and it’s definitely not one for the faint hearted. A display-quality mine cake with truly outstanding effects, this is a firework that’s capped by a memorable finale.

Each of the 16 shots delivered by this mine contains 3 bursts, each of which are accompanied by a colossal mine lift. Whilst 16 shots might not sound a lot, don’t let that put you off buying this cake. Combined together, you actually get a very generous 48 bursts.

Due to Manic Miner’s massive 50mm diameter tube – and the hang time of the effects - this cake runs for close to 70 seconds. This ultimately helps to reinforce the pound-for-pound value of the firework.

Please note that this firework also features dual fusing for additional safety.  

1 Review
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5 January 2017

What a fabulously powerful firework

I had around a dozen fireworks from Galactic Fireworks for bonfire night, If I'm being honest I had in total about 30 fireworks as I bought some from elsewhere. I am being so honest when I say the ones from Galactic where by far the best of the night.

The Manic miner is a 16 shot firework but each of its 16 shots are actually triples so in reality its a 48 bang cake, and the best bit is each of the tubes are 50mm wide meaning immense power, only buy this if you like very powerful big fireworks.