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Firework Attributes:

25 Shots
13cm × 13cm × 15cm
Weight 1kg
Explosive Weight 219g


A firm favourite of ours in terms of garden firework cakes, Lavish delivers 25 shots that fire high into the night sky. Manufactured by Brothers Pyrotechnics, it packs some serious power for its size.

Impressing from the off, it launches a series of huge bursts into the sky that truly explode into crackling stars. The noise throughout this initial sequence is particularly impressive. Things then finish with some twirling fish and more stars.

A real favourite of the Galactic Firework team, we’re sure you’ll be amazed at the punch this one packs.

Whilst this item is available at our Dinnington store for pick up, please either pre-order on our website or inform us of your interest when you arrive in store. We will then require approximately 20 minutes to fetch the firework. Thanks in advance. 

4 Reviews
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4 September 2016


This is a feisty little firework that punches above its weight. You will see from the height of the initial bursts that it means business. It has a lot of variety including fish and fabulous crackling stars. Worth a look for sure.

8 October 2015

Must have

Really great cake, especially for the money! It has nice big bursts and good volume but the reason I like it so much is due to its firing pattern. Firing in 'banks' or 'volleys' really makes it stand out from the rest.

Amust have for every display/party, I have allways added one to my stash since the first time I fired it.

21 September 2014

Special, bound to be popular.

Does a lot of very very nice things (very well!) for very little money.
Pair it, triple it, buy a case if you can!

Fireworks this good aren't as rare as they used to be, but at £15 this is incredible!

Sorry, but I have to say that whilst this is a new CE piece, safe at 8m, I would recommend more. Not only for safety (it does have big bursts) but why get neck-ache when the effects are just as good (if not better) from a little further away?

I can't blame Lavish for being too good, I'm reviewing the firework here, not the regulations, so it doesn't lose any stars, and I'm proud to be one of the first to recommend this.

20 September 2014


I really cannot recommend this firework enough, when I saw this at one of Galactics test firing nights I guessed at it being a £30 cake I simply couldn’t believe something this good was only £15! It’s the best firework I’ve ever seen at this price range and I’ve seen a good few I promise you.