Krazy Klock

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Firework Attributes:

16cm × 10cm × 19cm
Cat 2
Duration 86s
Weight 450g
Explosive Weight 153g

Krazy Klock

The Krazy Klock from Brothers Pyrotechnics is a great little garden fountain. Ideal for adding a touch of the spectacular to a smaller display, it’s sure to impress your audience.

With a running time of well over a minute, this is a firework that’s primed to deliver plenty of entertainment. Initially, the hands of the clock spin brightly to form a wheel. This then makes way for a stunning variety of coloured fountains that whistle and crackle in tandem.

As the Krazy Klock moves towards its finale, sparks shoot everywhere before things fizzle out with a memorable explosion of light.

Given the popularity of this firework since we added it to our collection, we now only wish we could turn back the time a few years so that we could have included it earlier!

7 Reviews
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4 September 2016

Krazy Klock

Not just a novelty, but the spinning hands really did help make this great.
Some great colours, and the fan really added to the effects.
Not just for kids, I really enjoyed this.

4 September 2016

Entertainingly bonkers timepiece.

Plenty of fun watching this novelty pyro construction do its business. It offers crackles, squeals and whistles as well as plenty of visual mayhem.
Got to be experienced at least once!

4 September 2016

Krazy clock

This little clock certainly knows how to stop time. With many varied effects and colours, whistles and crackles it is surprising just how long this firework lasts. Crowd pleaser for both young and old....

2 September 2015

Novelty at its best

Don't get this just for the kiddies.....the grown ups love this to. a great little fun item and lasts a while to

12 September 2014

Brother Krazy Klock Fountain

This clock may not tell you the time, but it certainly impresses and is something unusual for the money!

The clock hands spin round creating showers of sparks then there are several cycles of colour flames and sparks mixed with crackles whistles and screeches finishing with a vigorous chrysanthemum style crackle to end.

Unusual but very very good indeed and something different for ANY display. 5/5

11 September 2014

Keeps you entertained

I expected the kids to love this fountain, but didn't expect the adults to love it too! 5 stars from me

11 September 2014

I prefer a blow - torch

For the price, I would go for a blow-torch this is a great novelty piece and I really do like it but when you compare it to the other fountains available then you can get better.