Kong Rockets (13 Rockets)

RRP: £169.00 £99.99 5+ Available
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Firework Attributes:

158cm × 31cm × 8cm
Weight 5.5kg
Cat 3
Duration 90s
Explosive Weight 1kg

Kong Rockets (13 Rockets)

Here we have a pack of 13 rockets from Mars Pyrotechnics. These are all high performance big effect rockets that end up costing less than £7.70 per rocket meaning you get maximum effects at a great price.

Please note that for mail order these rockets have been taken out of there original box so come in a solid cardboard box and not the one in the image. Its the only way we can get round sending these out.

3 Reviews
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10 September 2016

Very good larger rocket mix.

I fired a pack for New Year and liked them very much.
Great value at £100 for 13 rockets. The 4 largest are very impressive indeed. Even the 5 smaller sized rockets from the pack are good for their size. Lots of loud bangs with this pack, a wide range of colours and some good effects such as crossette breaks are included.
I enjoyed them so much I have bought another pack for November 5th.

8 September 2016

Great Rocket Pack

This is a nice rocket pack with a variety of sizes and effects, even the smallest ones pack a punch.

1 March 2015

Good Value

I think that these rockets are the loudest fireworks i've ever Heard in my life for sure i will buy them for new years eve 2016