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Only 2 Remaining£19.99

Available to purchase at:

Mail Order
Dinnington Store
Retford Store
South Elmsall Store
Ripley Store

Firework Attributes:

16 Shots
13cm × 13cm × 24cm
Cat 2
Duration 25s
Weight 1.4kg
Explosive Weight 216g


Unbelievable offer to see a truly incredible 216gm cake being offered as BOGOF. Only 16 shots but every one of the shots from the Jackpot produces not only the biggest and best bursts but beautiful quality ones too, just watch the video and see how you can compete with £100 fireworks for under £10! Absolute madness. Do not miss out on this cake as you have hit the Jackpot finding it.

Simply add one to your basket and we will automatically send you two.

Video is of two cakes being fired at once.