Invaders Pack

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Firework Attributes:

56cm × 34cm × 18cm
Cat 2
Explosive Weight 2170.4g

Invaders Pack

Here we have the Invaders box containing 5 cakes in total with a combined total powder weight of a staggering 2170.4g. Now the maximum amount of powder any single firework in the uk can have is 1000g (500g in the USA) so there is more powder in this box that over 2 of the very biggest cakes you can buy. Now the reason I tell you this is simply at under £100 for this whole pack it makes it a bargain when comparing to some of the giant single ignitions with 1000g of powder in them and selling for up to £100 each.

Pound for pound the Invader pack is tremendous value for money! can you buy better value fireworks ? I seriously doubt it!

  • 2 x Missile Mayhem (335.2g)
  • 2 x Alien Attack (490g)
  • 1 x Strike Back (490g)

1 Review
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17 August 2016

Great Pack!

This is a great pack with 5 cakes in, 2 each of missile mayhem and alien attack and 1 strike back, i think the smaller ones are nice fired in pairs fanned out a bit to give a nice wide spread.