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Howling Hellcat

3+ Available£16.99
(9 Reviews)

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Firework Attributes:

200 Shots
43cm × 7cm × 6cm
Cat 2
Duration 14s
Weight 0.6kg
Explosive Weight 160g

Howling Hellcat

Galactic have done it again with this great 200 shot missile cake on a buy one get one free deal.

Manufactured by Bright Star Fireworks, this is instead arguably the best missile cake we’ve ever seen. Bombarding the sky with an incredible 200 shots in just 40 seconds, the Howling Hellcat features an exhilarating combination of screaming demons and star effects.

The results are so wonderfully chaotic that we initially thought this cake had misfired when we first set it off. If you want something cheap and cheerful that truly delivers on quality, this is the cake that you need.


9 Reviews
56% of reviewers said YES
4 September 2016


Love this cake always is a brilliant cake to buy with barging price love how starts 1 shot at at a time then goes crazy. Absolutely nosiey bargin filler.

4 November 2014


I baught one of these because its just another effect but I was really suprised by how good it was. Mine fired very quickley and totally filled the sky

14 September 2014

Not for me

This cake isn't a bad cake particularly, it's just one that's not suited for me. Having fired a couple of these, I've had them fire everything in 20 seconds, and then in 60 seconds. When everything goes to plan and it fires in 20 seconds, its a nice effect, to break up the bangs from the other fireworks. However, when it takes a lot longer than that, the shots are too spread out and it can become a little tedious.

12 September 2014

Howling Hellcat

Not my cup of tea!
I bought this as my son picked it off the shelf but it's just not for me. I prefer something with a bit of colour in it really.
Lots of screaming and noise if you like those sort of fireworks though.

11 September 2014

Maybe one for atmosphere

I would never use this in a display... I think they could be used for atmosphere for some kind of halloween event. But for me, although exciting, they do not "wow" me, and wouldn't in any display.

11 September 2014

howling hell cats

this is easily the best Saturn missile barrage available on the market as it doesn't just whistle it does a sort of pop/ crackle at the end of its flight this is a loud product that would set off any garden party

11 September 2014

Brightstar Howling Hellcat Multishot Cake

This is a fast furious whistling crackling penlid cake that adds a brilliant touch of fun to any show and if you fire two or three at one or even more it just gets better! Very good 5/5

11 September 2014

Not my cup of tea

If you want maximum shots for your money then buy one of these, but if you want to see quality shots then choose something else.

It is a great cake but don't be fooled that more shots is better

10 September 2014

Not your average saturn missile battery!

If you're a lover of fireworks no doubt you have seen something like this before.

This version from Brightstar however is fantastically quick. 200 shots in under 20 seconds! Well worth its cheap price. (so infact cheap why not set 2 off at the same time?)