Night Passion

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Firework Attributes:

100 Shots
29cm × 24cm × 13cm
Cat 3
Weight 4.5kg
Explosive Weight 642g

Night Passion

Bigger and better for 2018 !

Well what about this giant V cake for providing such a variety of wonderous and varied effects. Coloured stars firing left to right, producing red tails to red pearls and white glittering, followed by green tails to purple pearls with green glittering, then blue tails to brocades, followed by blue tails to sky blue with chrys, then ti-flower willow comets, and blue tails to gold glittering then green tails to gold glittering, followed by red tail crackle stars and silver tail white glittering and Ti-thunder.

Wow thats certainly a lot of effects from a single cake but it works so well.

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
6 November 2018

Fabulous firework!

The variety of effects, excellent pacing, and loud bangs means there is something for everyone with this firework. It's one of our favourites, highly recommended!

5 November 2018

One of the best

Night Passion is one of the best Cakes out there. I would recommend this for any display. 10 out of 10

5 January 2017


What can I say ? I bought this cake after Nigel recommended it to me plus I saw the video too. What I can tell you is forget the video this firework was 100 times better, I have never seen a firework so spectacular in my life and I have had a few big quality fireworks before.

Trust me when I say buy one you will not be in the slightest disappointed.