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Firework Attributes:

50 Shots
23cm × 15cm × 15cm
Weight 2.6kg
Cat 3
Duration 24s
Explosive Weight 0.3kg


As is always the case with Royal Party Fireworks, Gunsmoke seriously delivers for its price. A brilliant little category three fancake, it fires 50 shots in sequence over the course of around 24 seconds.

Starting with rapid-firing pearls, things then move onto colourful red, green and purple starbursts. These are accompanied by a golden crackle. The spectacular finale then sees a fanned volley of golden crackles that fill the sky.

A great way to take a garden display up a notch, Gunsmoke is sure to capture the imaginations of your audience members. 

4 Reviews
75% of reviewers said YES
23 August 2016

Bright and Colourful

If you're after an energetic, colourful and fun start to your display, Gunsmoke is the one for you!!

This would also make a great finish to a small, low noise garden display!

8 October 2014

Are you mad ?

I only left this review as this was the actual firewok that coverted me from the normal bog standard stuff out there. I couldnt believe he differnce in the quality of this firework and every other fireworks Ive since purchased from this web site. I couldnt believe someone giving it a 2 star review. Not a 5 star but mostdefinitely 4

11 September 2014

A bit of a mess

Gun smoke is a face-paced cake and reasonably good value for money but, for me, the overall effect is a little bit of a mess.

11 September 2014

Hazards little brother

This is nearly half the price of Hazard and is definitely good value for money, you dont gst many fanned cakes at this price.

I still prefer Hazard but don't rule out little brother he is definitely an ankle biter.