Greedy Goblins Display Pack

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Firework Attributes:

Weight 28kg
Explosive Weight 3.76kg

Greedy Goblins Display Pack

Here we have a pack containing Tarantula, Dancing Chameleons, Green Eyed Monster, The Force, Black Widow, Kung Foo Frogs, Greedy Goblins, Global Party, Ice Cube, Satans Serpents, Stromboli, Bug Eyed Monsters, Colossus, Golden Balls / Juicy Plums, Hot Hatch and Grand Finale. Thats a total of 16 fireworks plus we will throw in a pack of portfires and goggles too.

  1. Tarantula
  2. Dancing Chameleons
  3. Green Eyed Monster
  4. The Force
  5. Black Widow
  6. Kung Foo Frogs
  7. Greedy Goblins
  8. Global Party
  9. Ice Cube
  10. Satans Serpents
  11. Stromboli
  12. Bug Eyed Monsters
  13. Colossus
  14. Golden Balls / Juicy Plumbs
  15. Hot Hatch
  16. Grand Finale