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Graveyard Shift (3 Giant Cakes)

3+ AvailableRRP: £329.97 £164.97
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Add Brocade War for only £49.99 (Save £45.00 off RRP)

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Firework Attributes:

150 Shots
57cm × 36cm × 24cm
Cat 3
Duration 90s
Weight 20kg
Explosive Weight 2970g

Graveyard Shift (3 Giant Cakes)

Where else can you buy maximum weight, maximum power (1.3G) maximum effects for under £55 per cake? This pack is a game changer !!

This truly is the best set of 3 ginormous max weight cakes that money can buy. 

The Graveyard Shift comprises of 3 truly spectacular cakes made exclusively for ourselves here at Galactic Fireworks. Beautiful effects will fill the sky and accompanied by ear-splitting booms, these cakes add pure adrenaline to your display.

These truly amazing cakes produce mesmerising effects in 150 shots

  • Bone Shaker - Silver tails to a multitude of colours with loud reports.
  • Skull Shooter - Red Green and Blue balls rising before bursting into crazy octopus tentacles with glowing coloured tips
  • Zombie Apocalypse - Bright white strobes rising then exploding with golden plumes then adding in a fabulous crackle effect.

The Graveyard Shift will leave spectators in awe so it’s a must-have addition to your entertainment. Each heavy-weight cake has a whopping 990 gms of pyro powder each, meaning their power is incredible.

Sorry I named the cakes wrong on the video its Skull Shooter and not Skull Crusher and its Zombie Apocalypse not Zombies from Hell.


RRP - £329.97 (£109.99 per cake)

SALE DAY WEEKEND ONLY - £108.89! (£36.29 per cake)

66% OFF!  YES, 66% OFF!

Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of September 2019 is without a doubt the time to buy your fireworks as you simply will never be able to buy at these prices at any other time!

Remember for 2019 we are doing even crazier deals when you physically visit our main shop. Its strictly take the fireworks with you and pay cash and we will also give you a £29.99 at rrp rocket free with each and every £100 you spend. Its deffo worth the trip as we will have drinks and food on offer all day too. I'm guessing the Sunday will be the best day to come as a bit less hectic.

Galactic Fireworks, 12-14 Hangsman Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 3PF. Open 9 am to 6 pm on both the Saturday the 7th September and Sunday 8th September