Grand Slam

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Firework Attributes:

306 Shots
105cm × 29cm × 18cm
Cat 3
Duration 240s
Explosive Weight 2.93g

Grand Slam

The Grand Slam from Brothers Pyrotechnics is pretty much the biggest firework you can buy. An absolute hulk of a firework, it has a running time nearly 4 minutes long. Delivering entertainment from start to finish, this is a display box that more than justifies its price.

The largest fused firework kit manufactured by Brothers Pyrotechnics, this pack consists of four outstanding fireworks:

Thunder King – Comprising of a magical selection of twizzling comets, Thunder King mixes noise and effects with great success. With this cake, you’ll get to enjoy a mixture of green, red, blue and golden fireworks.

Vendetta – This superb barrage firework launches a plethora of effects throughout a running time of around 30 seconds. The crackling finale is a joy to behold.

OMG – A truly dazzling firework, OMG sprinkles its stardust for around 42 seconds, filling the sky with multi-coloured breaks. A truly outstanding firework cake.

Hercules – Lasting for over a minute, Hercules is a former winner of the UK’s best firework at the national firework awards. Its effects include red and purple stars with green tails; as well as blue tails with blue brocades.

As any order over £199 now qualifies for free delivery, you’ll benefit from this fantastic offer if you order the Grand Slam. A slam dunk deal!

2 Reviews
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14 November 2016

Slow link between each component firework

I was desperately disappointed in this firework. The fuses connecting each individual firework were so long that we had a 10 second delay between each part, and then the final box failed to ignite (although I was able to light this seperately when I realised what had happended). They should have used less or faster burning fuse. In hindsight I should have shortened the fuses and taped them together, but I din't know that at the time.
Overall, I was gutted that a £200 firework gave such a poor show. The Maximum Showtime from last year was much better and £50 cheaper.

9 November 2016

Awesome display that wowed the guests!

We had a number of rockets and single fireworks and also bought this box...we needn't have bothered with the rockets as this combo box gave a display that lasted almost 4 minutes and had comments from guests at our party like "who needs to pay to go to a professional display!". I would highly recommend.