Gold Pyramid

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Firework Attributes:

19cm × 19cm × 15cm
Weight 0.5kg
Cat 3
Duration 50s
Explosive Weight 0.12kg

Gold Pyramid

Gold Pyramid is a fountain firework that elevates things to the next level. Manufactured by the reputable Cube Fireworks, it is one of a series of four pyramid fountains that we have from the company.

A mainstay of the garden display, the fountain has been a traditional feature of many-a-family-event for years. So when a gem like this appears, it subsequently generates understandable interest. Producing silver flames that spray golden sparks into the air, the Gold Pyramid culminates its 50-second running time with colour and crackle aplenty.

To add to the wonder, the fountain shoots sideways and upwards, producing a unique effect that differs markedly from fountains you may be used to. A great way to start any display, the Gold Pyramid can produce an even more dramatic effect when placed in multiples and fired in tandem.

5 Reviews
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6 September 2016

Golden flame

I used one of these for start of my new year fireworks and you don't need to bury it, place on ground and ready to go, shoots up big golden flame such a great affect for a fountain at this price

4 September 2016

Gold Pyramid

These are so easy to use, no need to stake them as the large footprint keeps them stable.
They get to a great height considering their size and the crackle is really lively.
I'm not convinced by the whistle start, but it doesn't last long.

4 September 2016

Gold pyramid

Oops let this off the other night as thought the neighbours wouldnt notice - how wrong!!! It announced itself like Ryland in a nunnery.... if you are expecting a quiet sedantary firework you will be surprised at the effects in such a light firework....

30 August 2016

Stand up well - and crackle like hell

If you are worried about fireworks falling over, then don't with these. They have a solid base and are therefore ideal if you don't have soft ground to bury them in or can't stake and tape them.
Lovely effect and great price.

26 August 2015

great fun!

Another great firework in this foursome of fountains. The colour is stunning and the final crackle effect well worth the money