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Glimmer Glamour

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Firework Attributes:

100 Shots
25cm × 25cm × 15cm
Cat 3
Duration 40s
Weight 5kg
Explosive Weight 998g

Glimmer Glamour

Right from Celtic Fireworks’ range of semi-professional, consumer fireworks, Glitter Glamour is a cake of immense power and quality. Producing stunning effects including red, green, gold and white strobes, this is a particular favourite with Galactic staff.

We always appreciate great effects and this cake is a great example of how magical pyro action can be when done well. Considering that

Celtic Fireworks are actually better known in the UK for their professional, category 4 fireworks. These are fireworks only available to specialist, trained pyro-technicians. Their owner, however, wanted to bring the same quality effects to the consumer market and Glitter Glamour is a perfect example of how that goal has been achieved.

5 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
26 August 2018

Rapid Fire

Heavyweight 100 shotter. Great pace from this cake. Beautiful strobes fired relentlessly throughout its running time make this a great value piece with max powder weight.

24 August 2018

Flashing Strobe

What can i say about this one, very fast paced flashing strobe cake with maximum powder weight, the videos of these types of effects never do them justice.

24 August 2018

Good Finale Piece

A 100 shot cake with great pace and awesome strobes. Would make a good finale piece.

22 August 2018

Packs a punch

Good firework for a finale I used this with 3 dum bums and it was one nice finale

5 January 2017

One for my Finaale

I had around a dozen fireworks from Galactic Fireworks for bonfire night, If I'm being honest I had in total about 30 fireworks as I bought some from elsewhere. I am being so honest when I say the ones from Galactic where by far the best of the night.

I decided to fire 3 fireworks at once for my finale so I opted for 2 of these and a single Bedazzled up the middle. So its a bit awkward rating just this firework on its own as I fired two with an extra one bit what I can say is doing what I did meant I had a firework ending that was better than the one at Alton Towers. Thanks again Galactic your fireworks are second to none !