Gangsters Paradise Pack

3+ AvailableRRP: £729.79 £389.99
Add Weapon G for only £39.99 (Save £60.00 off RRP)

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Firework Attributes:

Mixed Firing Pattern
Cat 3
Duration 1800s
Weight 42kg
Explosive Weight 6355g

Gangsters Paradise Pack

What about this for a selection of 34 wonderful cakes from an assortment of manufacturers like Brothers Pyrotechnics, Benwell Fireworks, Primed Pyrotechnics, Bright Star and Sky Crafter. I have to say 34 cakes is not over the top and will be ideal for anyone wanting a display to last roughly half an hour in total. I personally would add a big cake like the Weapon G to make a super spectacular finale. We have done this cake for a super special price of just £39.99 as you are buying this pack so I would deffo add this.

Please see the next tab for my suggested firing order.

1 Garison
2 Sabini
3 Swat Soldier
4 Red Dynamite (1)
5 Shades Green
6 Jewel Of The Nile
7 Shelby
8 Whop
9 Swat Team
10 Purple Dynamite (2)
11 Shades Gold
12 Bunker Buster
13 Russian Roulete
14 Aces High
15 Mafia
16 Kimba
17 Swat Special
18 Jackpot
19 Orange Dynamite (3)
20 Shades Red
21 Stinger
22 Green Dynamite (4)
23 Shades Silver
24 Slammer
25 Cash Play
26 Joker Wild
27 Swat Weapon
28 Loaded Dice
29 Federal Agent 2
30 Smash
31 Snake Eyes
32 Federal Agent 1
33 Roll The Dice
34 Casino