G-Force Catherine Wheel

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Firework Attributes:

20cm × 20cm × 3cm
Cat 3
Duration 42s

G-Force Catherine Wheel

If you’re putting together a garden display, it’s likely that you’ll need to include some cheaper fireworks within it. The G-Force Catherine wheel from Bright Star Fireworks allows you to do this without bringing down the quality of your display.

Delivering some truly beautiful effects, this is one that’s sure to surprise your audience. Sending yellow, green, red and silver sparks flying everywhere, the spray of this Catherine wheel reaches some impressive distance. This helps to add a magical touch to the piece.

When you consider that for less than £10, you can get 42 seconds of entertainment with the G-Force, it’s one that’s well worth consideration when you put your display plan together. 

1 Review
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11 September 2014

Brightstar G-Force Wheel

This brilliant wheel is a great addition to any display-massive spray, lovely colours and a rapid spin speed, certainly very very good indeed! Ideal for any display at all. 5/5