Funky Spunky

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Firework Attributes:

36 Shots
30cm × 30cm × 23cm
Weight 4.9kg
Cat 3
Duration 41s
Explosive Weight 0.607kg

Funky Spunky

Basically a renamed Tropical Fish, the Funky Spunky is a low-noise cake that sends 36 shots of flying fish high into the sky. Mixing colour with category three performance, this firework is perfect when used as part of a small-to-mid-sized display.

Lasting around 40 seconds, it delivers superb value for money and continues to prove popular with our customers here at Galactic.

The Funky Spunky cake can be bought from either our Dinnington store or via mail order method. Watch the video below to see the firework in action.

5 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
6 September 2016

Low noise but good

Now this is a low noise fireworks with one great affect, 4 of these off looks absolute great

5 September 2016


This is something completely different, a low noise cake but with a very unique effect. Looks very professional and just adds something a bit different.

4 September 2016

My favourite fish

I absolutely love the Flying Fish effect so obviously I'm going to recommend this, my favourite fishcake.

Its rare to find a firework that dares to be this different, and this offers a great alternative to having constant noise.

31 July 2016

Something different

Very nice fish effect firework for something a bit different in a display to mix it up.

25 August 2015

Not many fireworks have a fishy effect

Flying fish are a brilliant effect that you don't see very often. This cake is super, it keeps to the same effect all the way through building by intensity.

A great quiet firework for all the family to enjoy!